To a sea of light.

The music of the waves, the touch of the wind, the blessings of light.
A Setouchi private cruise.


Setouchi Cruising

We want you to know
the scenery of the Seto Inland Sea.

You can only encounter the beauty of the Seto Inland Sea from on the sea.
We want you to know its fascinations that you haven’t known before.
This is Seto Pirika’s hope.

Fantastic scenery that you can see from a particular spot.
The colors of the sea and sky appear for just a few moments.
Because we know the Seto Inland Sea so well,
we can take you on a special cruise.
Take a break from everyday life, and go for a dramatic cruise.





Freely make a tour of the Seto Inland Sea’s beautiful scenery of many islands for a healing journey you’ll remember.

All Seto Pirika cruises are charters.
Up to 20 people can be on board, to enjoy a luxurious cruising experience.
The experienced captain will guide you through the scenery of the Setouchi area, which is unlike anywhere else in the world.
Fully enjoy an extraordinary trip to the Seto Inland Sea.




Cruises are available for group events and social gatherings.

A shipboard barbecue while admiring the beautiful view is a special experience.
As well as events and other uses by companies and organizations, our cruises are also suitable for social gatherings and entertainment. In addition, on board the ship, it is a private space cut off from land.
Free Wi-Fi is also available, making this an ideal venue for important meetings and training sessions. We also have experience in digital detox surrounded by nature.

Night View



Night cruising for views of factories and the Seto Ohashi Bridge, and to enjoy fireworks.

The lights of the Seto Ohashi Bridge illumination reflected on the water, the path of the moon, and the lights of the Mizushima Industrial Complex viewed from the sea, which looks like science fiction. In night cruising with an evening departure, you can enjoy expressions of the Seto Inland Sea that you can’t see in the daytime.
If you take a cruise on the night of a big fireworks display, you can relax and watch the fireworks from the ship.





Island Cruise Plan

This plan lets you easily experience travel on board the ship. The views at high and low tide each have different attractions. We cruise the most recommended places at the timing you request. There are many islands, large and small, and the scenery changes rapidly while we are sailing, which is a characteristic of the Seto Inland Sea. If you bring your own lunch box, you can enjoy a meal on the sea.

Takuma — Kasaoka Islands — Takuma 60 min. ¥110,000 (tax included)
Marugame — Seto Ohashi area — Marugame 60 min. ¥110,000 (tax included)
Takamatsu — Naoshima area — Takamatsu 60 min. ¥132,000 (tax included)



About Payment Methods


You can use your credit card or bank account by registering with PayPal.
Even first-time customers can easily and securely create a PayPal account for free, and register a credit card or debit card. The card used for payment will be charged by PayPal.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation due to bad weather, a full refund will be given.

The decision on whether or not to sail due to weather conditions will be communicated to the person who made the reservation 3 days before the designated boarding date.

From the booking date until 14 days before the designated boarding date 10%
From 7 days to 4 days before the designated boarding date 50%
From 3 days before the designated boarding date to the day of departure 100%

Important points for a safe and enjoyable cruise

  1. The captain may cancel the cruise or change the course if he decides that there is any difficulty in the weather conditions or safety of the cruise.
  2. Life vests must be worn when boarding the ship.
  3. If a passenger is recklessly interfering with the safe operation of the vessel or otherwise disobeying the captain’s instructions, they may be ordered to get off the ship.
  4. Hats, scarves, etc., may be blown away by the wind. Please be careful about what you wear.
  5. Because the ship may sway, please avoid boarding the ship in high-heeled shoes, etc., if possible.
  6. Please get a good night’s sleep the day before and avoid boarding on an empty stomach if possible.
  7. Please avoid excessive alcohol consumption.


Boarding Area

The ports for boarding and getting off the ship will be handled according to accessibility from the customer’s lodgings or the station from which the customer is coming to the prefecture. Please contact us after making an application.


Business Overview

Vessel Name Seto Pirika
Company Name Sea Stage Co., Ltd.
Location 1662-1 Takumacho Matsusaki, Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture 769-1102
TEL 0875-24-9133
FAX 0875-24-9233
Service Contents ・Domestic vessel ship management business
・Various aggregate sales
・Sightseeing cruises


The operator of Seto Pirika, Sea Stage Co., Ltd., is a ship management company. Currently, we operate a total of five vessels, including company vessels, with a crew of 46, carrying various goods throughout Japan.
I myself have been a crew member on various vessels for about 20 years, and have also traveled around the islands of the Seto Inland Sea as a cruise ship captain, so I hope you can enjoy your cruise with peace of mind.

Representative DirectorSeiichi Norihisa


We invite you to spend a luxurious time, and forget about everyday life in the beauty of the Setouchi area in every season.
All our staff look forward to welcoming you aboard.

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